Art photo project

Mediaself is a photo project born from the relationship between the media acting as a source of manipulation, and the subsequent effect it has on us as the consumer. Pictures represent dramatization of different mood stages as result of the relationship between people and media.

I enjoy using myself in different performances as the model across the project in order to characterize inanimate action considering an impersonal point of view. The project contains other personal relationships that influence it such as technology, kitsch objects, etc.

A trip into the relationship between information and manipulation subjugated by the artist’s point of view. The title of the project is a joke that combines a satire on the telecommunications company Mediaset to the representation of the "self".

In addition to these photos, you can see the first technical tests I have done at the bottom of the page.

Wake up, It's time to see...

You belong to us

Hang in there boys! More stuff after the monkey...

Controlled Light Disturbance

TV or not to be

Hello! It's me? We need to talk

Playing. With the media behind us.

Technical Tests

Before I have done this project I started to work with the following pictures. This project was born due to tests I have done. The connection between the pictures and myself respresent how they liked me so much, wanting to explore that way of photograph being integrated.Those pictures are not exactly part of the project, but in fact, they are. They are all unnamed, of course.