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“Maddam” is the ultimate feminist music event, an event of strong women crossing barriers. It’s a revolt show for the role of women in the music scene. Three stages at different pubs in Madrid feature all-female or female-fronted bands, with all shows taking place on the same day. From this point, I thought that the best thing we could do was to find something to revolt against.


And against what could women revolt? One of the banners of female oppression is religion, specially Christianity in the Western world. In “Maddam” we wanted to give freedom to the ultimate female icon: the Virgin Mary. We wanted Mary to get crazy and become really mad: it was finally her turn to have a good time! She is free to be whoever she wants! She’s free to smoke, to get drunk, to have sex with the first person she sees, and if she wants to go around showing her tits, SHE IS FREE to do it. She’s a woman, proud of her body and she does what she wants with it. THIS is our new Mary, “Maddam 2016” religious icon.