Reino Animal


Branding, catalogue and merchandising

'Reino Animal' -Animal Kingdom- is a fictional zoo located in Seville; to be exact where the Expo Sevilla 1992 was held.

The theme of this zoo is freedom. A place where kids can experience, feel and even touch the majesty of nature. A kingdom with no barriers where all the animals can go around with 'no limits'. Except, of course, predators and aggressive animals, who will have their own space. So, Animal Kingdom is a place where both predators and non-predators have their own territory.

Having the wildness of nature, as well as kids in mind, I designed a fun and free logo, with a natural crown made of leafs.

All the branding will work with two colors: green and red. I worked with two colors in order to reflect the dichotomy within the zoo as well as in Seville, where a well-known rivalry between the district of Triana and the rest of Seville exists. The fair lamps are red and green in Seville, and the two most important football (soccer) teams of the city (Sevilla FC and Real Betis BalompiƩ) wear red and green.

Seville is red and green.


Those colors and leaves becomes the spirit of our brand identity.


I designed a catalogue meant to entertain and enlighten children about the animals at the zoo. I illustrated the animals in a fashion that made it more child-friendly. Check out all the illustrations, the catalogue and the full branding work below!