Black Bass


Branding and merchandising

'Black Bass' is a four star hotel located in a pine forest, next to the famous 'Caminito del Rey' in Málaga. The hotel was imagined as a place for those people who love fishing and adventure sports (climbing, caving, hiking etc.). The hotel is divided into nine modules: a large cabin and eight cabins/rooms fully equipped with all amenities (wifi, tea...).

The hotel welcomes all guests, but has a target demographic of men between 25 and 40 years old: affable, prosperous, with a passion for adventure, adrenaline and risk — people who enjoy nature but don't want to forget the comfort of their own homes.

The layout of the modules, in addition to the audience in mind, is a reminder of summer camp —a camp for adults of course. It is the perfect place for people who want to live the experiences of those camps without missing the pleasures and luxury of adulthood.


I invoke nature and wilderness in its identity using kraft paper.

Rooms: flags & keychains

To distinguish between the rooms and cabins, I used illustrations of animals instead of numbers to identify the suites. Cabins have flags with different animals residing in the Black Bass environment. Wooden key chains would have an engraved animal matching the respective cabin flag.