In your eyes

BSN Posse is formed by Broken Lip and Stay Puff, from Malaga. This Spanish duo cultivated a unique niche in cutting-edge electronic music that they call ‘Iberian Juke’. After the amazing introduction of the first videoclip I created for BSN Posse, they asked me once again to give life to their new single “In Your Eyes”.

I was inspired by the fresh vibes of their music and by our common love for the retro aesthetic of video games, such as Out Run. I’ve hand drawn each frame and then animated them afterwards using the gif technique.

'In Your Eyes' is included on their debut album ‘Forever’, produced by Slime Recordings. In 2015, 'Forever' was named Spain’s Best Electronic Album by Mondo Sonoro magazine, and overall, the fourth best album from all award categories. You can get this album here.