Backgrounds & Characters

for a point & click game

This is a freelance project I developed with the advertising agency, Lola Mullenlowe for Monster High (Mattel). The idea was to create a point and click game where the children have to enter an enchanted mansion to find and free the ghosts by clicking on the furniture in the rooms.

I had to illustrate and animate five different rooms: attic, hall, library, classroom and theater.

To do this, I had to draw the backgrounds, and then animate some objects in each of the rooms to create the sensation that there was something hiding in them. I also drew the freed ghosts, which are based on the real characters from the movie, as well as some in-game items.

You can try it here.

Oh! You can also check the making of the enchanted mansion below.



Making of (tap on the sliders)

Dinning Room (cancelled)